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Winners Photo gallery Competition
I prize and 5000 PLN won Paweł Szurek from Warsaw for the Deer projcet.

II prize and 3500 PLN won Adam Kruszyński from Wrzosowa for the lamp project.

III prize and 1500 PLN won Tomasz Smutek from Lublin for the laterns.

In addition Małgorzata Kącka and Magdalena Romanowska received tickets for the OFF Festival for the design of the bar.

Month internship in Prodesigne won Błażej Kraus from Krakow for the Lampozatyczka project.

Check out photos from the exhibition:

A chair made of green bottles and wood, a bar lamp made of bottle caps with a Grolsch logo, and table football made of Swingtops. Young Polish designers showed great creativity coming up with projects for the Grolsch Bottle Art contest. Winners received monetary prizes totalling PLN 10,000 and won internships at Prodesigne – a prestigious design company. The best projects will also be showcased at select Grolsch locations throughout Poland.

On the 29th of June 2012 in Krakow, creative designers from all over Poland presented projects awarded in the Grolsch Bottle Art competition. They only had a week from the moment the shortlist was announced to carry out their projects. Cans, kegs, and bottles from Grolsch, the beer brand widely known for its creativity, became the raw material for unique projects of bar furnishings straddling the border between functional art and... recycling.

Awarded projects will soon be showcased at select Grolsch locations throughout Poland; young designers can already enjoy their share of PLN 10,000 and pursue internships at the prestigious Prodesigne design company.

The competition was held in the framework of the Grolsch ArtBoom Visual Arts Festival, the largest event of its kind presenting art in the public space of Krakow. By becoming involved in the organisation of the contest, Grolsch once again supported young, independent artists. The idea behind the competition is to promote art in the urban space. It seeks to reward the involvement and inventiveness of Polish artists, appreciating the fact that they all take their own paths, in the spirit of the Grolsch motto: Life is the art of choice – Choose interesting.

Grolsch has been supporting independent and creative young artists for many years. It focuses on unusual projects from diverse fields such as art, film, music, and assists their production in collaboration with multiple partners across the globe. The brand rewards and promotes the talents and skills of independent artists, awarding them with monetary prizes and presenting their work all over the world.