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Fresh Zone contest: Zuchy ŻKS

Makkabi comes back to play

The Makkabi football team and their fans returned to Krakow. They come suddenly and unannounced to remain invisible and elusive. Only the newspapers reported the next successes of the team and the next mysterious signs had placed by the fans within the City space.

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Opinions of the Jury members:

Intriguing idea based on a true story. The authors revived the spirit of the currently non-existing Makkabi football club. Simple? Yes, at least at the first glance, because the project’s authors did not stop at the reconstruction of events from before a century. They took a step further and multiplied fictitious stories built on the team’s legend. They squeezed themselves into the City clefts suggesting casual game at the boundaries of history and fiction. Who kicks the ball best today? The answer may had been surprising… (Agnieszka Obszańska)

Very precise creation of fictitious sign on the basis of reality. (Aleksandra Wasilkowska)

Makkabi… is a true entanglement of space and time, losing the spectator at a site where what is real becomes indistinguishable from what is fictitious (or past). Paradoxically, this way of telling the story about the City seems the truest, because spinning each yarn is losing oneself in language and guesswork. (Michał Bieniek)

14 - 24/06/2011

Makkabi comes back to play