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Fresh Zone contest: Furgała Grzegorz

A graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, with a diploma earned in prof. J. Sękowski's studio (2010). He is interested in sculpture, multimedia and Street Art, all employed in his works. He is an ardent cyclist and an enthusiast of cherries and breakcore.
New arrival

The work refered to the recycling process providing an opportunity for meeting several circulations of re-used material. The mobile car made of garbage was parked in front of a second-hand shop, the re-use temple. The ‘new arrival’ simulation went around Śródmieście surprising passers-by with unexpected goods.

Zdaniem członków Jury:

Opinions of the Jury members:
Several threads, a bit of technology, one mysterious vehicle. Grzegorz Furgała’s installation compels one to immediate response (...)When the emotions subside, the game goes on, this time in the field of meaning. Place, time and material used for building the installation – all this matters and provokes broader discussion. (Agnieszka Obszańska)

This well-thought-of and elaborately planned work functions on many levels. But its most important task is, perhaps, to comment on the opposition of the economic factor (as the power determining the level of an individual’s life and their perception of the world) and the ecological factor (as a global idea). It happens that (non)coincidence of the individual and the global is manifested in a peculiar way and recurs like hesitation or fear evoked by the image of a moving bag filled with … well, what exactly? (Michał Bieniek)

19 - 22/06/2011

12:00 New arrival