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Agnieszka Rola and Monika Pasek

Agnieszka Rola

Born in 1988, graduate of Polish Philology at the University of Łódź. In her professional future, she wants to deal with editing and writing. At present, she designs functional graphics and develops in the area of working with children.

Monika Pasek

Born in 1988, graduate of Architecture and Urban Studies at the Krakow University of Technology. Her professional interests focus on architecture and urban planning. She is fascinated with the possibility of influencing urban spaces.
Watch Your Step

A proposal to create a recreational space on ul. Tatrzańska. ‘We wanted to create a playground for everyone, and force the space to motivate and please,’ stressed the authors. ‘The project was supposed to make a random passer-by actively use the space.’ The authors suggested that the neglected stairs should be enlivened with colours and quotations from literature, and the nearby lawn converted into a public playground.

Pictures: Michał Ramus,

10 - 21/06/2013

Watch Your Step

Tatrzańska Street