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Miastoprojektor participants, the people of Krakow, social activists, visionaries

Miastoprojektor hosts:

Mosiewicz Magdalena

Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University and the Faculty of Cinematography at the PWSFTviT in Łódź. She has worked as a TVP Kultura journalist, co-created a web TV station of the Theatre Institute, Creator and co-creator of documentaries about Paweł Althamer, the Komuna Otwock theatre, Magdalena Staniszkis, an urban planner. The curator of the Departament Propozycji programme of the Warszawa w Budowie festival at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw; she runs film workshop as part of the two programmes: Nowe media w małych miejscowościach of the Orange Foundation and the Biblioteka Plus of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage; currently, she is working on short films for the Polish pavilion for the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space and a video presentation of the permanent exhibition at the Museum of the History of the Polish Jews.

Radkiewicz Małgorzata

Is interested in relations between a man and space; she tries to promote a bicycle as a city means of transport; she turns theory into practice as a vice-chairperson of the Krakow Przestrzeń-Ludzie-Miasto Association; she graduated from sociology at the Jagiellonian University, where she co-created the KNSS UJ City Sociology Section.

Skowrońska Marta

Emotionally torn between three cities dear to her heart: her family city – Łódź, the place of her university years – Krakow and her current place of residence – Warsaw; she graduated from art history at the Jagiellonian University; coordinator of the City Project in the academic year of 2009/2010; the originator and curator, together with Katarzyna Zagól, of the Fresh Zone competition for young artists and architects as part of the Krakow ArtBoom Festival; currently works with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

Lelek Tomasz

An architect and city activist; graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Krakow University of Technology, co-organiser of the Spacer po czarnych punktach Krakowa – czyli kicz w przestrzeni Miejskiej held during the 1st edition of the ArtBoom Festival; runs a series of meetings concerning shaping of space and participation as part of the City Project; he is a member of the programme board of the Culture Tank implemented by the Malopolska Institute of Culture.

A series of four open meetings dedicated to joint design of Krakow. Anyone wishing to present their vision of the city and life in it can take the floor. Miastoprojektor is an opportunity to confront demands of inhabitants, social activists and visionaries with expert knowledge and artists’ fantasy, a chance to present bold visions concerning the whole city.

The form is very simple:
Every session has its central theme. We suggest focusing on the following problems in the first edition:

1. River actions (activation of embankments, the city front to the Vistula, water in the city, lakes, beaches, barges, balloons);
2. Transport reforms (trams, buses, car parks, bicycles, pavements, cable railway);
3. Green initiatives (parks, green belts, greens, gardens, animals);
4. Spatial interventions (squares, markets, neighbourhood centres, sky scrapers, gentrification, monuments);
- What problems are connected with the above issues, how can we solve them? What is the current state? What is the desired state? What can be improved and how?

Everyone wishing to present their vision of the city, has 10 minutes at their disposal for presentation, as well as a microphone, a computer and an overhead projector.
All presentation applications should be sent in the form of a short document (doc, odt, PDF) to the organiser of the Krakow edition of the debates:
Every submitted presentation will be presented by its author.
The only obligatory elements include: the main subject, limited time of presentation, place and time of the debate.

The Department of Proposals created and implemented since 2009 by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, as part of the Warszawa w Budowie Festival, was the inspiration behind the Miastoprojektor.

The Krakow edition of the debates was launched on the initiative of the City Project members: Marta Skowrońska and Tomasz Lelek in cooperation with Magda Mosiewicz (the originator of the form) and Małgorzata Radkiewicz (Przestrzeń-Ludzie-Miasto Association).

Miastoprojektor – river activities

A meeting dedicated to “an urban river”: development of embankments, river transport, barges, playgrounds, plying fields, urban beaches, etc.

Miastoprojektor – transport reforms

A meeting dedicated to municipal transport: trams, busses, bicycles, car parks, cable railway, municipal railway, pavements, etc.

Picture: Weronika Szmuc

Miastoprojektor – green initiatives

A meeting dedicated to urban greenery: parks, squares, temporary gardens, animals, etc.

Miastoprojektor – spatial interventions

A meeting dedicated to public space in cities: squares, market squares, district centres, skyscrapers, gentrification, and monuments.


17:00 Miastoprojektor – river activities


17:30 Miastoprojektor – transport reforms


17:00 Miastoprojektor – green initiatives


17:00 Miastoprojektor – spatial interventions