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Shabohin Sergey

Sergey Shahobin was born in Navapolatsk, Belarus. He studied graphic arts at Minsk’s Academy of Fine Arts, alongside contemporary art history, art criticism, cinematography and theatre. Two months before completing his studies he collected documents from the institution justifying his decision based on his lack of faith in the academic method of education. He also works in video, photography, graphic arts, text, and installations, and works as a writer for the stage. He has taken part in group shows in Belarus, Poland and Germany, among other countries. In 2008 at TotenKopf und ApfelStrudel vol/1 in Minsk at the Podzemka Gallery, TotenKopf und ApfelStrudel vol/2 at the Warsaw ZOYA Gallery, in Germany’s Chemnitz at the Begehungen Festival, and in the 2009 Ctrl+ART at the Palace of the Arts in Minsk, ART-VILNIUS in Lithuania and REFLEXIONEN in Dresden’s Raskolnikow Gallery. In 2009 Shabohin also prepared a series of works for the independent Belarusian Pavilion for the 53rd Venice Biennale, which was presented not in Italy, but in Minsk at the BelExpo National Exposition Centre, as Belarus did not have its own official pavilion in Venice. His project, Reliquary XX-XXI-XXII (Obituaries XX-XXI-XXII) received a very warm welcome there, both among critics and the public. The artist works with the Ў Gallery of Contemporary Art in Minsk, where last year he had his own individual project Auto-project Ў, and in which he prepared his first curatorial project – a group show entitled Philosophy of the masses. Belarusian Neo-pop. Shabohin lives and works in Minsk.

During the ArtBoom Tauron Festival, glass display cases had been installed in the centre of Krakow, on sites of historical importance – boxes of various dimensions created by Sergey Shabohin especially for specific locations in the city. The artist studied the history of the places and filled the cases with the most varied array of objects, texts, and paintings. They alluded to the history and events associated with the selected places, but also to the experiences randomly encountered by passers-by in the area. Inside the cases there were reproductions, prints, sculptures, modern items, photographs, maps and landscapes, but also – created by the artist – photographic images of contemporary tourists, which were juxtaposed with historical documents, reproductions of artworks, modern objects and representations of global catastrophes and tragedies. Shabohin’s objects were, in the conception of the artist, to constitute a synthesis of public and private life, the past and the present, facts and lies, the exceptional and the banal. For passers-by these glass boxes may had been just a new attraction, an entertaining display, a type of “information kiosk” or pseudo-museum, and for many people travelling to Krakow, they may had seemed a sort of trap.

Project curator: Hanna Liubakova

Sergey Shabohin presented his hithero works and sketched out the situation of modern art in Belarus.

11/06/2010 - 27/06/2010




Small Market, Maria Magdalena Square, Main Market
Art History Insitute UJ
Grodzka Street no 53