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Krakow Street Art Route

The Krakow Street Art Route is Krakow’s first offer of a free city sightseeing tour in the context of street art. Weekly tours to discover local murals begin on Saturday (19th July). The initiative aimed at promoting street art is organised by Galeria Krakowska shopping centre as a follow-up of the Mall Wall Art project, in cooperation with the City Office and the Krakow Festival Office. Agnieszka Łakoma, the City of Krakow Chief Officer for Arts, is the patron of the event.

Monumental Ai Weiwei

In 18 rooms on the 3,000 square kilometres of the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin, a dozen or so works of Ai Weiwei – the best known Chinese artist – are displayed. The monumental exhibition titled Evidence is a collection of works which have been created over many years as a result of the artist’s personal experience and reflection on the condition of contemporary China. Two films by the artist were seen at the Grolsch ArtBoom Festival 2012.

ArtBoom nominated for the Radio Krakow Brand!

The 6th Grolsch ArtBoom Festival was nominated for the Radio Krakow Brand. During today's Radio Krakow broadcast Koło kultury (Around Culture), after 9.00 pm, we will meet the winner of the competition. ArtBoom in Nowa Huta seems to be the least obvious event organized by the Krakow Festival Office, the least celebrity-oriented, the least spectacular. But it is also much needed - we read in the justification of the nomination. We would like to emphasize the fact that this year's round of the Festival, which ended on 22nd June, was entirely dedicated to Nowa Huta.

Art has coped with Nowa Huta

The theme of the 6th round of the Grolsch ArtBoom Festival, which presents art in the public space, was Nowa Huta. The invited artists tried to approach the case of this district of Krakow from different angles.