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The 7th Grolsch ArtBoom Festival has ended

During the 7th Grolsch ArtBoom Festival art faced off with public space under the motto “Transformation of the village into the city”. It may be said that this year’s battle of art with the streets and squares of Krakow reached both for the past and the present. On the one hand, the city was the origin place of peasant-mania, the artistic phenomenon that appeared among Polish intelligentsia at the end of the 19th century, which manifested in a delight with folklore, folk customs and a call for a return to nature.

Artists take on the topos of modernisation

The Grolsch ArtBoom Festival, which this year takes place under the theme of “The transformation of the village into the city”, considers the life of those who changed the village into the city.

The village on banners and billboards

We’re halfway through another edition of the Grolsch ArtBoom Festival. Contemporary art is appearing in the most varied forms and in the least expected places. Given the subject of this year’s festival – “The transformation of the village into the city” – things can get a little surprising…

The 7th Grolsch ArtBoom Festival bets on young artists

The festival appreciates young artists who are only just entering the art world. This is why for the past six years, the Fresh Zone competition has been organised as part of the festival.